Hotel Bellevue is situated next to the crystal clear, warm sea. The private beach, awarded with White Flag, symbol of clean sea, is equipped with elegant parasols and deck chairs, thus you can indulge in the classical Mediterranean contemplation under warm sun. Daily fresh delis and ice-cool cocktails will be prepared for you at our MERIDIEN 44˚31’50 beach bar. Here you can enjoy to the fullest every second of your holidays.


Water is the source of life, vitality and wellbeing. Seawater reinvigorates body and soul, gives skin a special, firm tone and opens up your senses for a special spa experience. Lošinj’s crystal clear sea has healing benefits for the body. This is the most important reason why all of the pools in the Bellevue hotel are filled with seawater. The indoor pool enables you to enjoy the sea all year round, while the outdoor pools are the perfect place for refreshing body and soul throughout the warm spring and summer.



Bellevue Boutique is a fashion store offering the best of top notch Croatian fashion scene. Unique pieces made from the innovative, luxurious fabrics will open a new fashion horizon. Try out the selected models from the current collections of leading designers – Adrian, A’marie, Nebo, S.dress, and many others. Enjoy beautiful accessories signed by leading local and international designers and bring home unique fashion souvenirs from Croatia.


A unique set of coral earrings or a string of pearls perfectly complements any outfit. Moreover, it is an ideal souvenir that will remind you forever of beautiful holidays at the Bellevue Hotel. If you forget your shades, need a Teddy bear or are looking for daily newspapers and magazines - come to Ugo gallery for a special shopping experience.


There is no destination in the world that can treat you with such a variety of fine tastes, smells and treats. Different olive oils, capers or dried figs and homemade jams are the best souvenirs of Lošinj. Take home memories of the unique scents of Lošinj’s nature - SPA Sense natural home fragrances capture only the most beautiful fine-scented notes that energize your spirit and bring happy thoughts. Everyone will find his or her favourite gift at our Bellevue Delikates shop.


The one thing every contemporary woman misses during vacations is a good hairdresser. Sun and sea dry out ends and make women’s lives difficult, as hair gets harder to handle. Linea coiffure take care that you always look perfect and return home with perfectly healthy ends.


There are various sports that you can enjoy while being on our beautiful island. We recommend you to enjoy outdoor sports on fresh and healing air. Biking, jogging, trekking or Nordic walking are just some of the options. But if you enjoy more anaerobic exercising, join outdoor Yoga classes, relaxing walks or simply enjoy swimming. If you are, on the other hand, a fan of tennis or any team sports, such as football or basketball, there are several courts at your disposal. The most exciting are definitely various options of water sports that you can enjoy in front of our hotel.